Why Foster Traded in Movies for Motherhood
September 21, 2005

Jodie Foster is about to grace the silver screen once again in her first leading role in more than three years. But the two-time Oscar winner was much more inclined to talk about her other life, as a full-time mother, when she sat down with "Extra," revealing why she retreated from Hollywood to raise her two young sons.

Jerry Penacoli: So Jodie, why is this only the sixth movie you’ve done in the past decade?

Jodie Foster: It takes a lot to drag me away from my life; it has to be significant to me. It has to be moving to me.

JP: Is it the kids who are taking your time? Or have other passions replaced the passion for acting?

JF: It's just life. The kids, the fish, the dogs, the mice, all the traveling, seeing, experiencing this time with them.

JP: How are you enjoying motherhood, in terms of seeing your kids grow and change?

JF: I'm just thankful for every day I've had to watch them grow and change and turn into two very different people with two independent spirits.

Foster, who began her career as a toddler in Coppertone commercials, says her own experience as a child star and mother has made it easier to work with kids on screen, including her "Flightplan" co-star Marlene Lawston.

JP: What do you like about working with child actors?

JF: I like being able to protect them on set, keep them safe from bad things that can happen to them and insensitivities people don't realize.

You can catch Foster's latest screen performance when "Flightplan" takes off in theaters nationwide, this Friday.

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