Jolie Spends Night Out with Ex-Husband
September 21, 2005

The world's most glamorous movie star, Angelina Jolie, came dressed to kill Tuesday night, and she was on a mission: to honor World Peace Day.

"With the amount of people who have lost the understanding of what peace means, [World Peace Day] is really important," Jolie insisted.

And while the actress wouldn't take questions about Brad Pitt, she did open up about her newly-adopted baby, Zahara. "She's great," Jolie said. "She's a really happy, lovely baby. I'm very blessed. [Maddox] loves her. They're great."

The stunning actress-turned-activist was swarmed by photographers as she arrived at the New York premiere of the film "Peace One Day," which documents the push to make September 21st an international day of peace.

Jolie also spent the day with her ex-husband, Johnny Lee Miller, who was thrilled that Jolie was out helping promote his friend's film. And after reuniting, Jolie and Miller came straight to "Extra."

So did Miller know way back then that Jolie had this activist side to her? "Absolutely," he insisted. "I don't think it's any secret, you know, what a busy and hardworking person Angie is."

Jolie is currently traveling the world as Hollywood's leading activist for social justice. But she says the media remains sadly obsessed with her personal life, specifically, her relationship with Pitt.

"Unfortunately that's just the way it is," Jolie said. "But hopefully I don't think about it much. I just move on and do the things I think are good things and live as good a life as I can and hope that comes through."

And how is this single mom celebrating World Peace Day?

"There's a book on World Peace Day that Penguin did, and I'm going to sit down with Maddox and read it," she revealed. "And Zahara, but she doesn't quite understand, and she'll try to eat the book at this point."

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