The Return of the 'Housewives'
September 21, 2005

The return of our favorite "Desperate Housewives" is just days away, and the premiere has without a doubt become one of the most highly-anticipated TV events of the fall. "Extra" stopped by the set, where the ladies of Wisteria Lane helped us uncover some more plot secrets from behind the scenes.

Among the developments, a heartbroken Bree says goodbye to her late husband Rex and hello to her insufferable mother-in-law, played by Emmy-winner Shirley Knight.

Also, Gabrielle confesses her sins to her husband, Carlos, who is now in jail, Lynette leaves Tom at home with the kids to go play breadwinner, and Edie moves into her new home on Wisteria Lane.

Yes, there's certainly a lot going on for the lovely ladies of Wisteria Lane. And as you countdown to the big premiere, expect the answers to last season's cliffhangers to begin unfolding, including the big question: who will turn out being the father of Gabrielle's baby?

"We shot two different endings," Eva Longoria revealed. "One where it was his kid and one it wasn't his kid. I don't even know who the father is."

And talk about cliffhangers -- the last time we saw Susan she was staring down the barrel of a gun. "Something sort of significant happens to Susan at the end of the first episode," Hatcher promised.

And in addition to playing the loveable Susan Mayer, Hatcher is about to grace the cover of the prestigious magazine, LA Confidential. The mag devotes its latest issue to the "Desperate" diva, who strikes some seductive poses for the cover and a glamorous picture spread.

"I really loved this experience because it explored a little darker or artier side," Hatcher said.

And now, at the height of her fame, the modest star is remembering the friends who have stood by her throughout her career. "This will be over at some point, two years, five years, seven years," she said. "Sometime it will be over, and those friends will still be there for me and that's what's important."

Meanwhile, the countdown is on to season two of "Desperate Housewives." Tune in Sunday night on ABC.

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