Pacino Reveals He Almost Lost 'Godfather' Role
September 20, 2005

Al Pacino may be 65 years old, but the Hollywood legend is still working his magic on moviegoers everywhere. "Extra's" Jon Kelley sat down with the superstar, where he talked everything from his new movie, "Two for the Money," to kids and why he never got married.

Jon Kelley: Wow, you're working on your fifth decade making movies. How does that feel?

Al Pacino: In the end, you hope to make movies that people will go see. That's your whole idea. You really ultimately do.

JK: Let me read a few words that people have used to describe you: "legend," "icon," "artist," "master."

AP: I mean you're just happy that people are responding to you, and you feel flattered. You want to buy a whole bunch of people drinks, you know.

Pacino has made countless classics, including "Scent of a Woman," which earned the star an Oscar. But Pacino revealed his role in "Godfather," arguably the role that started it all for the actor, almost never happened.

The role was first offered to Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman, before a 31-year-old Pacino finally landed the gig. An even then, Pacino revealed he didn't think he could keep the job.

JK: Were you worried?

AP: Well, I thought I was going to be fired. So it was fine, I thought it's not meant to be. It was it, I was out.

JK: I can't believe you ever thought you'd be fired.

AP: Oh, I was going to be, until they saw the Sollozzo scene, where I shoot Sollozzo in the restaurant. That was the scene that kept me in the picture.

JK: You know, to this day, you are probably one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood.

AP: Gee wiz, to think of myself as a bachelor is so sad. Here I am, at 104 years old, and I'm a bachelor.

JK: But you know what? You still look and you still feel good.

AP: It's weird being a bachelor. I never think of myself that way. It is true, I am.

JK: What's your position on marriage? Where do stand on all that?

AP: There are times when I've felt I could've been married, and I didn't. I don't know what it is, but only a couple of times. But I wish I would have finally, yeah. I would have learned.

JK: There's still time, man.

AP: Yeah, there's still time, wow.

Catch Al Pacino in "Two for the Money," in theaters everywhere October 7.

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