Charlize Changes Look Again for Latest Role
September 20, 2005

Talk about starting your morning right -- how about breakfast with an Oscar winner? "Extra's" Jon Kelley sat down for a morning meal, courtesy of the Four Seasons Beverly Hills, with the beautiful Charlize Theron to talk about everything from her hot man to her new movie and so much more.

Jon Kelley: Have you gotten used to people saying "Academy Award winner Charlize Theron"?

Charlize Theron: Yes, all my friends address me that way now; it's on my answering machine. I actually turned it into an earring.

JK: Tell me about your latest role in Niki Caro's "North Country."

CT: I saw her film, "Whale Rider," and absolutely loved it, and I started secretly stalking her.

Inspired by a true story, "North Country" tells the tale of the first-ever class action sexual harassment lawsuit brought by women who worked in the iron mines of Northern Minnesota.

CT: These women really did feel like they were going to lose their jobs. So a lot of them really secretly did want to stand up and go, "You know, this is not cool. I'm not going to let this happen." At the end of the day they had kids to feed.

JK: You're also headed to the small screen. Tell me about your guest spot on "Arrested Development."

CT: I play Rita, who is a very interesting and special girl, and she is somewhat of a love interest to Jason's character Michael.

Mr. Bateman may be cool, but there's really only one man for Charlize: boyfriend Stewart Townsend, who is taking it to the small screen in ABC's upcoming "Night Stalker."

CT: He looks great in it. He's hot, what do you want, he is so hot. He's my hottie. I like him.

She's got a real life hottie, an Oscar and coming soon, a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. But could there be a few kids to go along with it?

CT: I will take my kids to [the star] everyday before I drop them off at school. I'll be like, "See, polish!" I will make them polish it, and then Social Services will come and pick me up. But I will have my Oscar in my ear like this, and things will be fine.

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