Britney and Kevin 'Ecstatic' Over Son's Birth
September 15, 2005

Britney Spears and husband Kevin Federline are now enjoying their first full day with heir new son. The pair announced on Spears' Web site they are "ecstatic" over the birth. And today, "Extra" uncovered all the top-secret details of how Spears may have choreographed her delivery to throw off the paparazzi.

Star magazine's Tina Deerman revealed to "Extra" that according to one of her sources inside the maternity ward, Spears was actually scheduled to have her cesarean Thursday.

"This was all a pre-arranged thing," Deerman said. "She got a little worried that too many people knew that she was suppose to deliver today, and she actually called her doctor and asked if they could do it a day early, and the doc said, ‘'Anything you want Mrs. Spears.'"

When it came time to get to the hospital in Santa Monica, California, Spears traveled surrounded by an elaborate security escort. "Britney came in with an entourage of six to eight enormous body guards," Deerman revealed.

And with Federline and her mom in tears, doctors delivered Spears' 6-pound-11-and-three-quarter-ounce healthy baby boy at 12:57 p.m.

"Kevin was able to cut the cord even," Deerman said. "It was a very emotional moment."

So what's the name? Us Weekly's Caroline Schaeffer told us, "Britney and Kevin haven't legally named their baby yet."

However, Schaeffer said that Spears has a favorite: "Sources are saying they are planning to name him Preston Michael Spears Federline."

But one thing is for sure, Spears' son is about to become a household name. Before he's even a week old, his first photos will fetch a fortune.

"I know there were hospital staffers who were being offered a million dollars to start if they could get pictures of that baby," Deerman revealed.

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