Tom and Katie Make Wedding Plans
September 14, 2005

Tom arrived in usual Cruise fashion when "Extra's" Jon Kelley met up with the star on the set of "Mission: Impossible 3." The star showed up down and dirty, after taking a beating on what he called the most intense shoot of his career.

Tom Cruise: I'd rather hit than get hit, personally. But for the movie, I'll take the hit. I want the audience to look at this movie, and I want them to go, "How'd they do it?" And just know we did it.

Jon Kelley: Okay, you're six months into this relationship with Katie [Holmes]. How are you planning the wedding right now and making the movie?

TC: We're just dreaming about it and figuring out all the fun things. I never knew there were so many wedding magazines and stuff. Did you know this? That's the ladies' deal. I'm telling you, there are stacks of different kinds of magazines.

JK: So are you getting into it too?

TC: Yeah, it's going to be really beautiful. Kate is an artist in and out. She can create the most beautiful floral arrangements. I didn't know people did this either -- she makes her own cards.

Tom and Katie's happy ending is a union Cruise predicted back in April when "Extra" showed him the Seventeen magazine article in which Holmes said she'd always dreamt of marrying the superstar.

JK: It still cracks me up, when you said you didn't want to let Katie down. That's like something out of a movie.

TC: Listen, I knew I was going to marry her the moment I met her. You know how you know something, and as time goes on it validates your original perception and instinct? That's the way it is with her.

JK: In Italy we saw your kids on the set, and they see all the action and what you're doing. Do they like that?

TC: They love it.

JK: Any thoughts of them being in the films? Do they talk about that?

TC: Whatever they want to do I'm happy with, but they're not saying right now. But I am preparing them. I taught them all how to ride motorcycles. I think I had Connor on a motorcycle before he was two. And Bella too, both of them.

Sounds like Bella and Conner are a chip off the old block. And you can catch "Mission: Impossible 3," when it hits theaters next May.

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