Is Adoption in Cameron Diaz's Future?
September 13, 2005

Cameron Diaz is breaking news to "Extra" as she talks about her war with the paparazzi, her sexy new role, babies and even her love affair with Justin Timberlake.

"Extra's" Jerry Penacoli caught up with the actress in Toronto, where she promoted her own film and also supported her main man's first big movie role in "Edison."

Jerry Penacoli: How proud are you of Justin's debut performance?

Cameron Diaz: I'm his biggest fan!

JP: And he's yours, I'm sure. I read somewhere that you would consider adoption. Is that true?

CD: Certainly everyone I think should consider adoption. Everyone can give birth. But not everyone can give love.

JP: But that wouldn't preclude you from having your own kids one day?

CD: I don't know. I'm just trying to get around. Who knows? I don't have a dog now, and maybe I'll get a dog. I'm just making my way around.

JP: So your new movie has already got some early Oscar buzz. Are you excited by that?

CD: No, I mean what's the point? What can I do with that?

But Diaz's adrenaline does flow when she talks about the paparazzi. Cameron revealed she takes a camera everywhere to protect herself against intrusive photographers.


JP: Are you guys bonding together to do something about it?

CD: I think the entertainment community will get together at some point on this issue.

Cameron Diaz wasn't the only beautiful starlet hanging in Toronto, "Extra" also sat down with Oscar winner Charlize Theron, who is at the festival with her new movie, "North Country." Theron came straight to "Extra" for some straight talk about her relationship with boyfriend Stuart Townsend.

JP: Just set the record straight about the whole engagement and all that.

Charlize Theron: It's not happening.

JP: Not happening?

CT: No, we're not getting married. We are very happy.

JP: No ring?

CT: Well, I always wear a ring because I feel like I'm married.

JP: That's the final word?

CT: Yes, please. No more helicopters, please.

So it seems that while these beautiful ladies of the Toronto film festival may not be hearing wedding bells soon, the sound of Oscar buzz is growing louder by the day.

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