Paltrow Wages War Against the Paparazzi
September 12, 2005

Gwyneth Paltrow is getting candid and intimate, talking about the very personal connection she has to her new movie, "Proof," as well as her new mission: a crusade against the paparazzi.

"It's just gone too far," Paltrow said of the paparazzi and the aggressive way they hunt down celebrities and their children. "That's the problem, when you have a child in the car and you're being chased on freeways. I just think there should be laws against being chased."

In England, where Paltrow and her husband, Coldplay front man Chris Martin, have a home, there are laws. And fearing for her 16-month-old daughter Apple's safety, Paltrow is fighting back.

The actress is now turning the cameras back on the pesky photographers, taking pictures of their license plates. "In London, if you take down their details, you can call police, and you can do something about it," Paltrow explained. "I just want to protect my kid, that's all."

But in addition to the war she's waging against the paparazzi, Paltrow is hard at work promoting her new movie, "Proof," which co-stars Anthony Hopkins.

In the film, Paltrow's character has to come to terms with the death of her brilliant, but mentally ill, mathematician father. It's a role that hit close to home for the actress. Just a year before making the movie, Paltrow's own father died of cancer.

"Of course I was pretty bereft and upset and sad and confused," Paltrow admitted. "So that's where I was in my life at the time, so it worked out well for the character."

But time, and Baby Apple, has helped Paltrow heal, and her newest cinematic baby, "Proof," hits theaters Friday.

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