Sarah Jessica Parker Gets Lovely
September 09, 2005

Sarah Jessica Parker will forever be one of the true style icons in New York City, and with Fashion Week about to kick off, it was the perfect time for the former "Sex and the City" star to introduce her new fragrance, Lovely.

"Itís different on everybody," Parker said of the perfume. "Thatís the beauty of the fragrance."

So what's in a name? "Lovely was always my first choice," Parker revealed. "It was my number one name, and I was certain it was going to be taken, it was so obvious. It's really about a personality or a disposition, or a quality that someone possesses rather than a physical thing."

Speaking of physical things, this trendsetter has changed her style considerably since the arrival of her son, James. "It changed my body," Parker said of having a baby. "So that dictated a lot."

Hardly. It looks to us like Parker is ready to go back to work -- perhaps she could take on "Sex and City" muse Candace Bushnellís new project, "Lipstick Jungle"?

"Oh no, you don't really want that," Parker laughed.

Trust us Sarah -- your fans do! But for now we'll all settle for smelling Lovely!

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