Why Tyra's Not Always So Picture Perfect
September 8, 2005

Tyra Banks is working the runway and keeping it real as she rocks the house with India.Arie and her new theme song, "Just for Today." "Extra's" Jon Kelley caught up with the superstar as she counted down the days to the big premiere of her talk show, which hits the air on Monday, September 12.

Jon Kelley: How do you feel right now?

Tyra Banks: I'm getting nervous now that it's getting closer.

JK: So are you going to give away any supermodel secrets on your show?

TB: No model is perfect, but you have to put that out there. You have to say, "Look at this. Don't you want this hair? Don't you want this lotion? You know because look how great I look, how perfect I look." With this show, I'm crying up there on stage, you know I'm flubbing.

JK: You've got the tissues?

TB: Yeah, look we have these, and it's not just for my guests. They are for me too because I get up here and cry.

JK: What do you feel your story has been that you want people to know about?

TB: I've been through my parents divorcing and having to live through that. Relationships. People go, "Tyra had some relationship problems?" Big time. Crying in my pillow, not being able to eat.

JK: Men broke your heart?

TB: Oh yeah, more than once. So I've definitely been through a lot of things and 10 million more things that I'm going to be sharing with my audience everyday.

Get ready for an amazing ride when "The Tyra Banks Show" debuts Monday.


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