Countless Stars Join in for Mega-Telethon
September 8, 2005

Like the rest of America, the stars can't just sit back and watch the suffering of the Hurricane Katrina victims. So celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Ellen DeGeneres are getting involved, donating their time and talent to Friday night's mega-telethon, "Shelter from the Storm," which every major network and more than 100 countries will broadcast.

Also participating in the telethon are Chris Rock, Jack Nicholson, Alicia Keys and Sheryl Crow.

"I've been watching the coverage on TV and crying," Jennifer Lopez told us. "I've watched Oprah, and I was like, ‘Let's pack up all my clothes and just send them over. Have it all.'"

Jamie Foxx visited the victims in Houston, and he said it left him a changed man. "You can't be human and watch all of those things go down and not do anything," he insisted.

Meanwhile, Smokey Robinson is joining forces with the BET network for a relief telethon Friday night with stars like Toni Braxton. "We need to join forces to change others," Braxton said.

And recording star Babyface broke news, telling "Extra" that he will work with Michael Jackson on a song titled, "From the Bottom of My Heart," to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Meanwhile, Sean Penn took matters into his own hands, renting a boat and plucking victims out of the water. But rumors quickly spread that the star brought along a personal photographer to record his good deeds. Wednesday night on "Larry King Live," Penn set the record straight, saying, "It's definitely not the case. We went in, a couple of friends of mine, on our own. Certainly, we had the attention of some photographers -- we tried to do as much as we could."

Things are still bleak in the gulf. CNN's Gary Tuckman filed a disturbing report for "Extra" from downtown New Orleans, where he said, "It's almost like the movie, ‘War of the Worlds.' When you go down these streets, when you see structures with no people, and people are beginning to realize this is going to continue for a long time just like this."

But despite the long road ahead, there is hope. Morgan Freeman had this message for the victims: "We will prevail here. Not to worry. Don't be afraid."


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