Stars Team Up to Visit Hurricane’s Destruction
September 7, 2005

Superstar Julia Roberts got emotional at a Red Cross shelter in Birmingham, Ala., where she met with people who have lost everything in the storm. Roberts is just one of Oprah Winfrey’s celebrity angels who are touching and being touched by the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Matthew McConaughey came face-to-face with a doctor who refused to leave the hospital for seven straight days. "This doctor promised to stay with the pets and wouldn't leave, despite not having food and water," McConaughey explained.

Thankfully, McConaughey was able to come to the rescue, leading a team to help the doctor and all of the pets. "I felt tired," the man admitted. "I don’t know if I could go much longer. I’m so excited to get out."

And from John Travolta and Kelly Preston delivering truckloads of food, to Lisa Marie Presley buying supplies at Target, the stars became regular people as they tried to do their part.

Meanwhile, "Malcolm in the Middle" star Frankie Muniz revealed that he was one of several stars directly affected by Hurricane Katrina. His fiancée lives in New Orleans, and Muniz was visiting her when the storm hit. "I was actually an evacuee," Muniz said. "Her house is 20 feet under water and all of her stuff. She has nothing -- all of her pictures, gone. It sucks."

And Gabrielle Union shared her personal story of loss with "Extra," saying, "My mother-in-law, her house is gone. They evacuated early and went to Houston. But there’s nothing left."

On Wednesday morning’s "Good Morning America," Robin Roberts made an emotional return to her childhood home with her 81-year-old mother. "Everything is not lost," Roberts’ mother said. "It's going to take time to rebuild."

But one of Oprah's angels, a visibly shaken Chris Rock, may have summed up the lessons of Hurricane Katrina best when he visited some of the victims: "All you got is family. You think you’ve got everything, but all you’ve got is family. I’ll never forget this."


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