Ellen Takes Her Show on the Road
September 6, 2005

She's been working around the clock to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, but despite the tragedy, Ellen DeGeneres is still trying to keep America laughing. And the talk show queen hit a hole in one when she went golfing with Ray Romano and Brad Garrett for her show's big season three premiere.

DeGeneres took on the caddie role to repay a bet she made with Romano on last season's show. "We were chipping golf balls into a Jacuzzi and whoever got the most in would play golf and the loser would have to caddie for the person," DeGeneres explained.

Needless to say, Romano won the bet, and he brought along his former TV brother, Brad Garrett, to watch Ellen caddie. After the round, the former co-stars admitted they had a blast with TV's Emmy-winning funny lady. "The only putt I made was when Ellen actually held me," Garrett laughed. "You know what it did, it slowed me down. It relaxed me."

"When you feel you are loved, you swing easier because a lot of times I am swinging and nobody likes me," Romano added.

And Ellen promised that after her trip to the golf course, she'll be stepping out of the studio a lot in season three. "We're taking it on the road," DeGeneres said. "You can't keep a talk show inside all the time. I am going to try and make it so no one ever had to leave their home. Whatever they are dreaming of, they want me to swim with dolphins? I'll do it. Do they want me to go to Hawaii and lay on a beach for a week? I'll do it."

Ellen's exciting season three continues on Wednesday with Debra Messing and a performance by Hilary Duff.

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