Stars Get Emotional at World Music Awards
September 1, 2005

A glittering parade of famous music makers converged in Hollywood Wednesday night for the World Music Awards, but the legendary Patti LaBelle stole the show with a tribute to Destiny’s Child.

"It was unforgettable and unbelievable and amazing," Beyoncé said. "All of us got choked up and cried."

But the tears were caused by more than just the moment, as everyone's thoughts and prayers were with the victims of Hurricane Katrina. "We all feel New Orleans," LaBelle said. "I lost my timing with the song. I was looking at them cry, and I was crying, thinking about the disaster."

And those feelings echoed outside on the red carpet. "To see the devastation hit in your backyard like this is very difficult," Jon Bon Jovi admitted.

But despite Hurricane Katrina, everyone put on a brave face at the World Music Awards, and hosts Carmen Electra and James Denton promised everyone a good time. "Without giving too much away, let’s just say I do somewhat of a striptease," Electra hinted before the show.

So will Denton follow his co-star Eva Longoria's shocking display at the Video Music Awards? "No," Denton laughed. "I’m completely covered for everybody’s benefit."

Meanwhile, Paula Abdul spoke for the first time at the awards, and only with "Extra," about recently being cleared by a FOX network investigation into claims that she had an affair with "American Idol" contestant Corey Clark.

"I feel thrilled just to get on with the new season," Abdul admitted. "The good, the bad and the indifferent; I am thrilled to go back to my job."

Also back, after winning her battle against breast cancer, Melissa Etheridge told us, "I just felt like, we're here. It's like wow, the last year is behind us, we're moving on, and it feels natural."

Other stars included Snoop Dogg, Pam Anderson, Nick Lachey and Mariah Carey, who was named Female Entertainer of the Year.

See more when the World Music Awards air September 13th on ABC.


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