Tinseltown Takes Over Venice Film Festival
August 31, 2005

Just when you thought Jessica Simpson had it all, she gets even more! The blonde knockout won a new Chrysler Crossifre at a pre-VMA bash in New York Thursday.

Ex Nick Lachey also had a shot, but Jess had the key to success despite a recent loss of her voice.

The always stunning Sandra Bullock set off flashbulb frenzy at the 63rd Annual Venice Film Festival, where she's promoting her new movie "Infamous."

Ben Affleck, Diane Lane and Adrien Brody also made a splash talking about "Hollywoodland," the story of the often troubled original "Superman," George Reeves.

Affleck, who plays Reeves, told us he believes the world's obsession with actors and actresses' private lives actually hurts Hollywood.

"It makes it difficult to suspend disbelief when you're going to watch their movie because what you are really thinking about is whatever you read about them in a magazine," Affleck said.

From the red carpet to the red-hot outstanding women of 2006, we know which Hollywood women made the "it" list.

Annette Bening, Cate Blanchett, Sofia Coppola and Sally Field are Premiere magazine's picks as the Premiere Women in Hollywood.

The issue hits newsstands Sept. 12, followed by a Beverly Hills bash on Sept. 20.

Meanwhile, "Extra" caught up with ultra-private star Nicolas Cage, for a rare and candid interview about the new thriller "Wicker Man."

Cage went on the record in "Moviefone.com's: Unscripted," revealing it was his good friend, rocker Johnny Ramone's, dying wish for him to remake the horror film.

"He was in the hospital and he asked about the 'Wicker Man.' 'Is Nic doing Wicker Man?'" Cage said.

While Nic remakes a Hollywood classic, "Extra" was on the set for the making of NBC's "Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Different Strokes."

The sitcom's stars, Todd Bridges and Gary Coleman, helped in the project, which exposes the pitfalls of being child stars.

But Gary told us it was painful reliving some of those memories.

"If I had to choose between being ground up over glass and thrown into a hot fire," he admitted, "I would have choose that."

"The Unauthorized Story of Different Strokes" airs Monday.




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