Jessica Simpson: Is She Really Dating John Mayer?
August 30, 2006

Superstar Jessica Simpson was all smiles Tuesday night, and she looked sexier than ever, even on skates!

Jess came straight to "Extra" to answer the explosive headlines about a new flame, her ex-husband Nick Lachey and why she suddenly can't sing.

"I'm working too hard I guess," Simpson said of her voice, or lack thereof.

Despite a bruise on her vocal cord and orders to rest her voice, the superstar found the strength to talk to us at the New York launch party thrown by Yahoo, celebrating the release of her latest CD, "A Public Affair."

"I'm so sad though because all I want to do was sing this entire week because I've been working on my album for so long," a disappointed Jessica revealed. "And it's the week to promote it. And all of a sudden, I'm deprived."

But Jessica did find the words to set the record straight about reports that she's dating singer John Mayer, who coincidentally also has laryngitis and had to cancel his concert Saturday.

When we asked her about the headline everybody is talking about, Jessica said, "I think I may have a cue card for that."

What did the cue card say? "I'm trying to keep my private life private."

"That's a first time in my life," Jessica joked.

Once her party was over and the night's festivities wrapped, Jessica had another event to look forward to, Thursday  night's Video Music Awards, where for the second time this month she may come face to face with ex-husband Nick Lachey.

But Jessica told us not to expect a nasty on-screen or off-screen collision.

"I have no clouds anymore," she said. "They're rolling away, there's always a brighter day."

Meanwhile, Jessica's dad, Joe Simpson, told "Extra" that despite media reports of a rift, Nick is still like family.

"We hope that he wins every award he can possibly win," Joe said. "We want him to be totally successful. We have no battle. He's a part of our family, and we've shared things together, and Jessica will always love him."

While Jessica's vocal problems forced the 26-year-old star to cancel an appearance this week on Letterman, Jess told us that she wasn't about to skate out on her fans Tuesday night.

"They give me my life, that's why I do what I do," Jessica stated simply.

"A Public Affair" is in stores now.  


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