Starry Night: TV's Best Hit the Emmy Red Carpet
August 28, 2006

On one of the steamiest night's of the year, only "Extra" had all of Hollywood's hottest couples covered.

From an extremely rare appearance by Calista Flockhart and her main man Harrison Ford, who revealed they have "a ball" sharing these public moments together, to Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, who opened up about his lady love's new Maxim cover.

"Someone, actually at the airport in San Antonio, wanted to give me that as a gift," Tony told us. "But I told him I've got the real one right behind me. So he was surprised."

Eva and Tony made their Emmy night a "Desperate" threesome, alongside fellow Wisteria Lane resident Felicity Huffman.

"Eva and I got ready together," Felicity said. "A girl's day, except Tony was there."

At the "Extra" podium, Patrick Dempsey had a little explaining to do to wife Jill Fink after losing his wedding ring.

"Everyone's going to be like, ‘Why isn't Patrick wearing his wedding ring, what's going on?'" we joked with the adorable couple. ""He said he's going to keep his hand in his pocket, so we'll see," Jill said.

But we had to make sure that despite the lack of visual commitment, Patrick and his leading lady were perfectly fine. "We're great," Patrick promised. "I think we're better than we've ever been."

Meanwhile, "Project Runway's" Heidi Klum was showing, glowing and joking, telling us, "The baby must be like, ‘What the hell is going on?'"

Emmy winner Mariska Hargitay and hubby Peter Hermann were showing off pictures off their new little bundle of joy. "There are no words, look how great this is," she said. "This is us last week in Hawaii. He's a looker."

There was also a littler father-son bonding between fellow Emmy nominees Kiefer Sutherland and Donald Sutherland.

"I just hope he wins," the elder actor said. "He really deserves it."

"Idol's" tender-hearted Paula Abdul also had a message for her dad, although this one is not quite as friendly. "My dad was supposed to be my date, he got stuck in traffic," Abdul admitted. "Dad! Leave earlier next time!"

Rounding out the red carpet family affairs were Hollywood's most adorable husband and wife teams, including Debra Messing and husband Daniel Zelman.

"Who has a better husband in the world? Nobody," gushed the Emmy nominee.

Kyra Sedgwick's man, Kevin Bacon, was beaming as he said, "I'm very, very proud of her. But you know what? I'm proud of her every day."

For Steve Carell's wife, Nancy Walls, that feeling was mutual: "I'm very proud of him."

As for the show, getting everyone settled on time was a bit of an adventure. "My Name is Earl's" Jaime Pressly revealed that her night got off to an interesting start. "My limo driver was late because there was a high speed chase on the 101," she said. "Then we get in the car and the air conditioning is broken."

"I unrolled the window and banged my head into it," revealed Emmy winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus. "So tomorrow I'll have a shiner. It's very glamorous, this life."

But once everyone arrived in one piece, the Emmy excitement was everywhere. Well, almost everywhere.

"I've got to tell you, if you win great. If you don't, who cares," Simon Cowell said. "I mean seriously, it's not going to change my world particularly."


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