Spelling Tribute Ignites Tears, Unites 'Angels'
August 28, 2006

The emotional tribute to the late Aaron Spelling was perhaps the most emotionally charged moment of Sunday night's Emmy Awards.

But the touching moment was not without a bitter family feud played out on national TV between Aaron's widow, Candy, and their daughter, Tori. As Candy Spelling wiped away tears with son Randy by her side, Tori and her husband sat conspicuously apart from her mother.

"Dynasty" starlet Joan Collins paralleled the Spelling family drama to one of Aaron's famous soap operas, revealing, "To me, it's an absolute episode of 'Dynasty.'"

In a show-stopping surprise moment, Kate Jackson and Aaron's original "Angels," Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith, reunited to pay tribute to their dear friend and TV icon.

Backstage, Kate opened up to "Extra" about the rumors of a Spelling family rift, taking aim at outsiders, who Kate says are trying to tear the family apart.

"It's Machiavellian thing that's going on that Aaron would write himself," Kate admitted. "It is brilliant in its treachery and maliciousness; it's so morally reprehensible."

Jackson also recalled the Spelling family in happier times, like the days after Tori was first born.

"I saw a look of love in his eyes that I had never seen before in anyone's eyes," she said.

Now Kate hopes the family can be a family again, in a way Aaron himself would have wanted.

"I think the family should be allowed to sort it out for themselves," she said. "Let Candy and Tori and Randy be family again, be friends again and love each other again."

Later Sunday night, Candy Spelling finally broke her silence, talking about the feud for the first time, exclusively to "Extra."

"I don't know who's feuding," she said. "I've never had a fight with anyone. I think it's the press."

Kate did break some good news about "Charlie's" girls getting back together. "Yes, there is going to be something very, very exciting," she divulged, but beyond that she couldn't indulge us with details. "I'm not supposed to do it."

Meanwhile, Jaclyn Smith told us the dramatic "Angels" reunion would never have happened if it weren't for Aaron.

"I think it takes Aaron Spelling to bring us together," she said.

And echoing the sentiments of those who know the Spelling family best, Jaclyn revealed she hopes Aaron's pervasive and poignant memory will reunite his own family.


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