Team Cruise vs. Team Paramount
August 24, 2006

"Extra" has your first look at the post-Paramount Tom Cruise, who despite dealing with his controversial split from the studio, dined at the ultra-hip Hollywood hotspot, Orso, Tuesday night.

Tom had plenty of company from the paparazzi, but he had nothing to say about Viacom Chair Sumner Redstone's scathing public comments.

While all of Hollywood was buzzing about the industry shake up, only "Extra" brought you the first comments from Camp Cruise, as "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli talked via telephone with Tom's producing partner Paula Wagner.

Wagner revealed Redstone's remarks were "the height of unprofessionalism. And it's the reason, quite frankly, why we think people in the industry will fiind ithard to work with Paramount in the future."

"I think this is way unprecedented," said the Wall Street Journal's Merissa Marr, who was the first to inform Tom's camp of Redstone's comments. "Especially the head of an entertainment company coming out and being very vocal about how they are not comfortable with the behavior of an actor on their lot."

"I had to inform them that this is what Sumner said," Marr added. "I think Tom was upset with the way it was handled."


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