Secrets from Emmy Headquarters
August 22, 2006

Emmy Sunday is just days away, and only "Extra" has your ultimate award show preview.

"I'm a seven time loser and a one time winner," joked Emmy nominee Julia Louise-Dreyfus, who will be looking for golden statue number two when she gets dolled up to celebrate her nom for "The New Adventures of Old Christine."

And while no one was surprised by Julia's Emmy nod, the leading lady is trying to keep an element of surprise for the big night.

"I can't tell you what I'm going to wear because it's going to be a surprise," she said.

"House" star Hugh Laurie, on the other hand, had no reservations about sharing his Emmy night garb: "It's very exciting, very exciting. I have picked my dress out," he joked. "It's a primrose yellow. Floaty, I think, is the word."

As for the show itself, Entertainment Weekly's Dalton Ross says all eyes will be on the tribute to the late Aaron Spelling.

"Where's Tori going to be during the tribute, I don't know," Ross said. "Is she going to be presenting? Is she going to be hiding in the coat room? Is she going to be at home watching it on TV?"

For all we know Tori will be hanging out backstage, where "Extra" got an exclusive look at the Architectural Digest green room, the stars last stop before heading on stage Sunday night.

And as if the luxurious surroundings weren't enough, each Emmy presenter will take home a gift bag loaded with swag including Sprint's new fusic phone and a choice of stay at one of the world's finest luxury resorts.

But the $42,000 bag will no longer be 100% free; Uncle Sam will reportedly take his cut of this year's booty.

See who walks away with the goodies and the gold Sunday night on NBC.


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