Hot Hollywood Couples Heat up Teen Choice Awards
August 21, 2006

Major couple’s drama unfolded Sunday night at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards, as Jessica Simpson and "Employee of the Month" co-star Dane Cook hosted the show designed just for teens.

Before the show kicked off, we went straight to Ms. Simpson to find out if she had butterflies about ex-husband Nick Lachey watching her from front row center.

"I’m just going to look at everyone else," she joked. "I can’t concentrate on that!"

But who could concentrate, as Hollywood’s biggest stars showed up in full-force. From Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves to Snoop Dogg and Jessica Alba, even choice-hottie Orlando Bloom needed a pat down.

The talk of the show was the joint appearance of Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn.

After months of playing coy about their relationship, Jen and Vince had mouths dropping as they accepted "Choice Movie Chemistry" prize for their blockbuster hit "The Break-Up."

"When you’re dealing with chemistry, it’s not an equitable kind of thing," Vince said.

"Right, it's not something that just sort of happens," Jen added.

Nick Lachey showed up alone, and for the first time since their divorce Nick and Jess nearly came face to face with each other when Nick won "Choice Love Song" for "What’s Left of Me," a ballad about their breakup.

As he took the stage to accept his award, Nick joked, "I just want to start off by saying awkward. A little bit!"

But Ms. Jess had nothing but praise for her ex-husband. "I support him 100 percent. I’ve always believed in him," she shared.

A pregnant and glowing Britney Spears made a surprise introduction for hubby K-Fed’s first televised rap performance, encouraging the crowd to, "Please give a warm welcome to my man, Kevin Federline."

We caught up with Kevin backstage just minutes before his world premiere of "Lose Control" to see how he performed under all the pressure. "Wonderfully," he promised.

But during his performance K-Fed lost control of his profanity, prompting FOX to hit the censor button five times during his performance.

Johnny Depp didn’t need any help getting the crowd fired up. The "Pirates" star could barely get a word in as the crowd went crazy during his two awards for "Dead Man’s Chest."

Good friends Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves celebrated "Choice Liplock" together for "The Lake House."

And Keanu admitted he enjoyed that kissing scene as much as movie-goers. "You were so good in that scene it was crime!" he told his blushing co-star.

"Superman" Brandon Routh played coy about his alleged engagement, and when we asked if the rumors were true he said, "I’ve been hearing a lot about that. Maybe I did."

But the ultimate inside information on the night came straight from host Dane Cook.

Dane let "Extra" in on his romance secret when it comes to making movies, whether it be with sultry Jessica Simpson or "Teen Choice Hottie" Jessica Alba.

So who’s the better kisser? "Alba's got more tongue going on in there and Simpson's got a little more smooch effect going," Dane dished.

"I slipped him a thousand bucks to say that," Alba responded.


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