The Woman Behind Wisteria Lane Fashion
August 21, 2006

One thing is for sure. The "Desperate Housewives" are always fashion forward on the red carpet.

But how do the women of Wisteria Lane stay stylish on the set? It starts with the fashionably fabulous mind of Kate Adair.

"I love dressing Edie," Kate admits of Nicollette Sheridan's always interesting costume choices.

"Kate and I will go out shopping together and maybe stop and have a margarita along the way," Nicollette said of searching for the perfect costumes choices.

"There are just pieces that speak to you for the character," Adair admits. "I just stop and go, ‘That is absolutely quintessential Gabrielle.'"

As for Lynette's new look, "They didn't tell me at the beginning of the season that there was going to be a whole story about her not dressing so well," Adair revealed. "I'm on the phone driving into Beverly Hills asking everyone we know saying we need a white suit."

In the end, the white suit worked wardrobe wonders for these feisty women. "It's the only piece all season we didn't alter on anyone," Adair said.

And Teri Hatcher revealed while Kate may be the one in charge, she sometimes let's her pick her own costumes, but with a little help.

"Kate usually just puts three pairs of jeans and five tops in my trailer and I just pick what I want," Hatcher said of dressing her character, Susan. 

"Who knew there were that many tank tops?" Adair joked. "I honestly didn't until the character of Susan."

Kate Adair has all the right stuff for the leading ladies of "Desperate Housewives."

And Kate advises that those "Desperate" for Wisteria Lane fashion don't have to break the bank! Many of the "Housewives" fashionable frocks come from K-Mart and Target.




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