Ben Affleck on Love, Marriage, Fatherhood and New Flick
August 14, 2006

Ben Affleck is back, and only "Extra’s" got him in his first sit-down interview in two years, following some much-needed time off for daddy duty.

"My family is the most important thing to me," Affleck said simply.

The handsome actor also disclosed just how much he cherishes private time with his wife, Jennifer Garner.

"It is just a wonderful thing for me," Ben said. "It's just somebody that I admire, and it's something that I work at every day and that I'm really happy with."

The happily married couple has a daughter, Violet, who is now eight months old, and Ben said that fatherhood suits him perfectly.

"All my friends are having kids, and it's nice, you're not just going through it by yourself," he confessed. "And you can kind of bounce things off other people."

Ben’s parent friends include Matt Damon, with whom Affleck rose to fame with their critically acclaimed film "Good Will Hunting."

So will their kids follow in their footsteps?

"My daughter and Matt's daughter are closer in age than Matt and I were," Ben observed. "It's interesting. We'll see how it goes. Neither one of us knows that much about little girls. It's kind of learning on the job."

Ben’s latest job is starring in "Hollywoodland" as George Reeves.

The film explores the mysterious death of the troubled actor who starred in the 1950’s "Superman" TV series.

"Reeves was just a big old husky dude who liked to eat and drink and kind of carouse," Ben revealed. "I thought it was interesting that back then that was a superhero."

Ben put on 25 pounds to fit the role, and told us, "It was really easy; just started eating pizza at midnight, ice cream. Losing it was really hard."

"Hollywoodland" hits theaters Sept. 8.


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