9-11 Hero Will Jimeno Recalls the Tragic Day
August 9, 2005

America can now relive the most tragic day in the nation's history, as Oliver Stone's highly anticipated film, "World Trade Center," hits theaters.

"You're able to see it and just be in that day again," Stone promised. "I think you'll come out clean and healed."

But few will be awaiting the public's reaction to the movie more anxiously than Will Jimeno, one of the real-life hero cops who inspired the movie. "Crash" star Michael Pena plays Jimeno on the big screen.

"What I love him for is he captured my love for the job, my love for my fellow officers, and that's all I can ask for," Jimeno said of Pena.

Jimeno and fellow officer John McLoughlin, played by Oscar winner Nicolas Cage, nearly died in the rubble of the fallen towers as they risked their lives to save others.

"Extra" interviewed Jimeno just weeks after September 11, and as a testament to the meticulously accurate movie, Jimeno recalled his sergeant.

"He came out saying I need three volunteers," Will told us at the time. "God was really taking care of me and John."

Will also told us how the two men became trapped beneath tons of falling debris. "We found ourselves just being hit by concrete and everything," he said. "It shook the building and buried us alive."

"[McLoughlin] said you can see the sky," Jimeno recalled. "I said, 'No, but there's light.'"

Now, nearly five years later, movie audiences will see his story in heart-wrenching detail on the big screen. "I've got to tell you, Oliver drove me to the point of going crazy because he was so meticulous," Jimeno admitted. "And I thank him for that."

Meanwhile, the rest of America is thanking Jimeno and his fellow hero officers for their bravery and sacrifice.

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