Tori Talks Tears, Triumph and Her Would-Be Touching Tribute
August 8, 2006

For the first time since the passing of her legendary father, Aaron Spelling, Tori Spelling is opening up.

"I don't think anyone can really help you get over it," Tori confessed. "You kind of get through it and do the best you can."

But as this daddy's girl struggles to mend her recent loss, it appears that family drama is turning into a real-life duel, fit for an episode of "Dynasty."

People magazine reports the bad blood between the mother and daughter reached a new boiling point when Tori's ABC tribute to the late, great producer was scrapped after Candy reportedly blocked the project.

"The source tells People that Candy would not release the clips for the ABC special because Tori was involved in the project," said People magazine's Editor Jess Cagle.

Tori was supposed to executive produce and host the tribute, and the star said she had plenty of stories to share about her famous father. "33 years I got to spend with him," she said. "And it was a blessing."

Tori and her mom have had a strained relationship for years, and it seemed to only get worse after Aaron passed away in June.

Still, Candy's reps told "Extra" that the decision not to release footage of shows like "Dynasty," "Charlie's Angels" and "Beverly Hills: 90210" had nothing to do with Tori.

Rather, Candy simply thought it was too soon for a tribute. "Candy did release clips to NBC because NBC is going to have an Aaron Spelling tribute on the Emmys," Cagle told us.

However, despite the recent turmoil, Tori is staying strong.

Over the weekend she focused her energy on the "Much Love Animal Rescue" charity, where she was also honored for her work with her group.

Aside from work and volunteering, Tori also has another great passion in life -- her husband Dean McDermott.

So will Tori and Dean manifest their love and passion in their own little project any time soon? "Definitely," Tori confirmed. "We want to start a family. We're blissfully in love. And we just support each other. We're there for the hardships, which there's been a lot of this year."


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