Seeing Double: When Star Styles Clash
August 7, 2006

The only thing worse than seeing your fashion double is when your rival wears it better! Us Weekly's fashion expert Katrina Szish told "Extra" what happens when star styles collide.

"It's inevitable: one person pulls it off and the other just falls short," Szish said.

Now Us Weekly is letting you be the judge!

First up is Lindsay Lohan vs. Eva Mendes, who wore the identical Calvin Klein summer frock. "Lindsay made the look young with black leggings," Szish explained. "Eva kept it feminine with bare legs.

Well, it was a close call, but 52 percent of magazine readers polled preferred Lindsay’s look.

Next up is Leah Remini vs. Jessica Simpson. "They both chose a printed knee-length dress," Szish said. "It’s the quintessential plunging neckline summer dress."

But the question remains: who wore it best? "Jessica Simpson got top honors with 88 percent of the vote," Szish said.

It was a supermodel showdown between Claudia Schiffer and Petra Nemcova; both modeled the same Dolce and Gabbana baby doll dress. But who wore it best?

"Petra is showing off her feminine curves, so it’s no surprise she got 70 percent of the vote, while Claudia only got 30 percent," Szish revealed.




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