Jenny McCarthy: America's Newest Diet Queen
August 2, 2006

Jenny McCarthy has more than one reason to smile these days!

She's romancing Jim Carrey, and she's breaking news to "Extra" about a new relationship -- a partnership with Weight Watchers.

"I'm working with them on a 'Bye-Bye Baby Fat' thing," she told our Jon Kelley, who caught up with the blonde bombshell at a Caesar's Palace 40th anniversary bash in Vegas.

"I was 211 pounds when I delivered," revealed Jenny, who was determined to say adios to all the excess weight gained while pregnant with her son, Evan.

While the world may think Jenny's post-baby body snapped right back into shape, Jenny shared a different story.

"Darling, you think I snapped right back," she said. "It took a year."

But before Weight Watchers, Jenny tried drastic means. "I tried anorexia for five minutes, and then I got really hungry," she joked. "I'm from Chicago, Midwest. We eat!"

Jenny said it's true that mom knows best, as it was she who suggested the nutritional program. "She says, 'Hey why don't you try Weight Watchers?'" McCarthy related. "'You can still eat your food!' And she was right! I stood up in the meetings and weighed in with the other girls and lost 60 pounds."

As for keeping it off, Jenny said, "I have a 4-year-old that I chase constantly. I don't sit down. My day starts at 6:30 in the morning and goes to 11 o'clock at night."


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