Mel Gibson: The Video He Doesn't Want the World to See
August 3, 2006

He's been booked, charged and lampooned by Leno, who joked, "A DVD of the arrest came out today. It's called ‘Goys Gone Wild.'"

Now "Extra" is breaking news about the latest controversy surrounding Mel Gibson's DUI bust and allegations that the Oscar winner is getting some serious star treatment.

Critics of Gibson say he should have faced harsher charges than a misdemeanor DUI. On Thursday, Loni Coombs, an attorney and former D.A. who prosecuted Nick Nolte's Malibu DUI case, came to "Extra" to answer the tough questions.

Did Mel get pampered during his stint in the slammer? "Once they got to Lost Hills [Police] Station, it appears at that point that some unusual things were done," Coombs said.

"Giving him a ride back to his car is unusual," she added. "The fact that something was done to the report was unusual and very troubling."

Also troubling in Coombs eyes? The fact that Gibson's anti-Semitic remarks and bad behavior after his arrest were allegedly covered up.

Coombs revealed to "Extra" that she is acquainted with Mel's arresting officer, James Mee, as she has worked with him extensively through the police department.

She believes his voice recording of Mel's meltdown from the infamous night will be crucial. "I don't know if any other deputy would regulate the audiotape," Coombs revealed, adding, "Which is a wonderful thing for a prosecutor."

While the prosecution team may have subtle evidence, breaks new details about more evidence Mel is trying to hide -- a videotape taken inside the sheriff's department.

"There are comments on this videotape that are awful, that are just terrible, that haven't been made public yet," revealed TMZ's very own Harvey Levin. "Mel Gibson does not want this out."

TMZ has been at the forefront of the Gibson scandal from the very beginning.

"The only possible way Mel Gibson can keep this videotape secret," Harvey continued, "is if he plea bargains this case; if it goes to trial, it's out."

There are also new reports that Mel made anti-Semitic remarks on the set of his upcoming movie "Apocalypto."

"Extra" tracked down one of the film's stars, Mauricio Amuy, in Mexico. And he came to Mel's defense, stating, "I never hear on the production, him say ‘I hate Jewish.'"

Mauricio, a model-turned-actor who also has several other projects in the works, revealed to "Extra" that he never once saw Mel drunk and believes Mr. "Braveheart" will put on a brave face as he faces the firestorm.

"He will be okay," Amuy said. "There's no doubt. He's a strong person."

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