Courteney Cox Arquette: The Master of Multitasking
August 2, 2006

Classic beauty Courteney Cox Arquette went on the record with “Extra,” opening up about her two new movies, motherhood, more babies and turning 42.

What is the secret to her flawless, ageless look? “I’m wearing a lot of makeup, and I’ve got a lot of bright light on me,” the humble Courteney joked. “But I play tennis, and I try to drink water… not so good at it.”

Not only is the former “Friend” young at heart, but these days she also stays active chasing her 2-year-old daughter, Coco.  

“She’s adorable,” Cox Arquette said of her only child with husband David Arquette.

“At such a young age she’s such a little clown,” Courteney revealed. “And then I looked at David, and I was like ‘Oh yeah. Why is it so surprising?’”

Like her famous, funny parents, Coco has her own comedy talents. “She walked in, and she had a little crown on, a tiara,” Courteney shared. “Everyone laughed. She walked away and about five minutes later she came back with sunglasses on. She got her laugh, she walked.”

Coco has even seen Mom’s new movie “Barnyard,” in which Courteney voices Daisy the Cow.

“I took Coco to see ‘Barnyard,’” Courteney said. “She loved it to a point, and then she got scared; the coyotes.”

So will Courteney be protecting any future children from the big bad coyotes? “I don’t know, I might have another kid,” she admitted. “We’ll see what happens.”

“She already has a boyfriend,” Courteney laughed. “Oh man, she’s madly in love with this little kid. Play it cool Coco, cause he’s one hot little number.”

“Barnyard” hits theaters Friday, and Courteney’s other hot summer movie, “Zoom,” comes out Aug. 11.


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