Gibson Scandal Continues to Suffer in Spotlight
August 2, 2006

From the explosive new headlines to his house being under siege, Mel Gibson’s DUI scandal has grown into a monster. And now "Extra" has learned a new witness in the bust is coming forward. Managing Editor Harvey Levin, who broke the story wide open, said a valet at Moonshadows saw Mel just seconds before he allegedly drove drunk.

"The valet saw him walk across the street to get his car," Harvey revealed. "And overhead Mel saying, ‘I’m fed up.’"

Now we’ve discovered the investigation is widening into what happened right after Mel left the L.A. County Sheriff’s sub station. Mel’s close ties to authorities are already under scrutiny, but new reports claim that a uniformed deputy drove Gibson to pick up his impounded Lexus right after his release.

New evidence also includes video and audiotape of the arrest, which are now in the hands of the district attorney.

Wednesday, learned that Mel hired Hollywood top attorneys Barry Tarlow and Blair Berk. Berk represented actress Tracey Gold after her DUI arrest.

As Mel fights off the cloud of scrutiny surrounding him, he’s relying on his wife Robyn more than ever. The couple has raised seven children together since they reportedly met through a dating service and married 26 years ago.

And just like she promised on their wedding day, Gibson’s wife is sticking by his side for better or worse, as People magazine’s JD Heyman revealed.

"He's really leaned on her during this crisis, and apparently friends say their marriage is stronger than ever."

This isn’t the first time Mel has had to face the music for his belligerent mistakes. In 1984, he was arrested for drunk driving in Toronto. He paid a fine and was banned from driving in Canada for three months.

After a stint in rehab in the early 90’s, he stayed sober for several years.

"She's the best friend I have ever had," Mel said of his wife. "She's just great and would be there completely, 100 percent. 110 percent," he revealed in a 2004 interview with Diane Sawyer.

While his wife may stand by her man, Hollywood producer Merv Adelson is calling for a Gibson boycott.

"Let’s make ourselves proud and not support this jerk in any way," Adelson told the LA Times.

Mel is finding support not only from his family, but also from his faith as this crisis explodes, and "Extra" went to Mel’s very own Catholic church nestled in the sprawling Agoura Hills, Calif. mountains.

Building his very own church has been one of his Mel’s passions. Built on 17 acres of California coastline, the 9,000 square foot, $14 million compound has been a project of Mel’s since 2002.

"I'm just Roman Catholic the way they were up until the mid 60's," Gibson revealed to Diane Sawyer as he outlined his religious beliefs to her in 2004.

In addition to faith, Mel will mostly likely turn to his extended family in this time of crisis, and seek the advice from his brothers whom he has offered comfort to in the past.

"Extra" uncovered an interview with Mel’s brother Donal, who revealed how much Mel’s past advice has helped him. "His advice is usually ''stop worrying,'" Donal said.

But some of Gibson’s other family ties have added fuel to the fire; specifically comments made by Mel’s father Hutton, who, in a New York Times interview, questioned whether the Holocaust really took place.

However, Mel has made it clear his father’s views don’t necessarily reflect his own.

"Do I believe that there were concentration camps, where defenseless and innocent Jews died?  Of course I do," Gibson told Sawyer.

But this time it is Mel’s comments, and not his father’s, that have him facing the hard questions. And you can be sure "Extra" will be at the forefront when Mel is ready to answer.


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