How to Avoid a Plastic Surgery Nightmare
August 31, 2005

Want a little nip tuck, but donít want to look like the ever-famous Catwoman? Well, cosmetic surgeon to the stars, Dr. Robert Kotler, has written "The Essential Cosmetic Surgery Companion" to help you find the right doctor and avoid disaster.

"You want it done safely and want it done well," Kotler insisted. "I wanted to provide a road map, almost a script, that you could take to the doctor, open the book and start asking the right questions."

Dr. Kotler says the key is in the consultation; go for three, and ask specific questions for every procedure.

Former "Frasier" star Jane Leeves had a question for the doc: "Can you do something to make me look better without making me look freaky?" she asked.

Dr. Kotler says to avoid that over-done look, ask for a computer image that shows you before, your predicted results, and then compares them to your look after.

And here is one of Kotlerís most important tips: don't assume every cosmetic surgeon is an expert in every area. Pick a highly-trained specialist who knows noses or one that's best at chiseling chins and make sure they're board certified.

Other must-ask questions before signing on with a doc include: where will my procedure be done, is that facility accredited, and will I have an anesthesia specialist taking care of me?

"It allows people to walk into a cosmetic surgeon's office and walk out a very smart consumer," Kotler said.

Sounds like this doctor has the right prescription for achieving fantastic results!

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