Fox's Character to 'Search for Spirituality' in Season Two
August 31, 2005

"Extra" discovered "Lost" star Matthew Fox treading water in a pool in Malibu at a photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly's fall TV cover, and the star didn't get away without sharing some secrets from the ABC hit.

"The second year is going to go deeper and deeper into where they are and where that's going to take them," Fox said of the show's characters.

As for Fox's Dr. Jack Shepherd, the second season will bring on a search for spirituality. "Even though he is a very strict man of science, he's going to have to wake up to the reality of the world that he's operating in," Fox revealed.

But don't assume all of the "Lost" clan will make it through to the end. "That's always going to be part of 'Lost,'" Fox insisted. "You are going to get attached to certain people, and you are going to lose them. That's the truth of this story."

And speaking of truth, Fox also cleared up a little rumor that co-star Dominic Monaghan started about skinny dipping. "It's not a rumor," Fox admitted. "I'm just coming clean on that now. Yes, it's true. Hey, I'm in Hawaii! Even when I'm not in Hawaii, if I'm going swimming at night with friends, I'd rather do it naked."

So there you have it -- more than you probably ever wanted to know about Matthew Fox! The star's latest pictures grace the cover of the September 9 edition of Entertainment Weekly, and "Lost" returns to ABC on September 21.

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