Hurricane Katrina Hits Home for Stars
August 31, 2005

The aftershocks of Hurricane Katrina are being felt from coast to coast. American cities have been turned into wasteland, towns are now refugee camps, and one of the NFL's biggest stars was filled with terror in the wake of the storm's destruction.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre is a Mississippi native. He lost his father last year and was reduced to praying that the rest of his family was okay, saying, "I haven't been able to get in touch with my mom or two brothers."

But thankfully, a KHOU-TV reporter found Bonita Favre alive and well and reunited her by phone with Brett. For the football star, the emotional reunion put everything into perspective. "You have money, and people know who you are, and right now none of that matters," Brett insisted.

Meanwhile, "Good Morning America's" Robin Roberts broke down on the air when she talked about visiting her family, whose home was badly damaged by the storm. "I was fortunate enough to get down here and see first hand," Roberts said on "GMA," while crying. "Normally, you know, I share these kinds of moments with you, but it was too personal when I walked in the door and I saw my mom. But she'll be okay."

A local reporter also broke down while interviewing a man whose wife is missing. And CBS "Evening News" Executive Director Jim Murphy told us this is one story that is hard for reporters to remain detached.

"It's hard to take," Murphy insisted. "Plus, the fact that you're completely exhausted, and you work night and day. That adds up to very severe emotional stress."

People magazine made Hurricane Katrina its cover story this week, and Assistant Managing Editor Elizabeth Glick told us that entertainment will take a backseat to the storm for quite awhile. "I think it's going to continue to take precedence over ordinary entertainment programming right now," she said. "And we're going to see shows preempted."

Two major movies were shooting in New Orleans when the storm hit, one starring Michael Keaton and the other starring Lucy Lawless. The cast and crew of both productions are safe and sound.

So as the Gulf coast begins the long road to recovery, it can count on the support of all Americans who want to do more than just watch the images of loss.

The Red Cross is dedicating incredible resources to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and "Extra" is joining in the massive relief effort. To find out how to make a donation to those affected by the storm, click here.

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