Will Weather Stop the VMAs? Not If Diddy Can Help It!
August 26, 2005

Hurricane Katrina has hit Miami hard, leaving serious rain and broken trees in its path. But if Mother Nature thinks one little storm can shut down the MTV Video Music Awards, well, she’s never seen this awards show.

Despite the weather, the night’s host, Diddy, was ready to roll when "Extra" talked to him about his big night. "A lot of times when you look at award shows, it looks like work, like we're not having fun," Diddy insisted. "So in my contract I made them give me a special room so we could have fun. Bar, food, pictures of Biggie, my kids, some beautiful ladies."

"I know that there are always competitive artists out there," Diddy added. "So I have set up my own blackjack table."

So what else is the entertainment icon doing to prepare for his hosting duties? "I’m staying celibate to conserve my energy for the VMAs," Diddy said. "And I had them put in a bed downstairs so I don't have to rush home."

Also working below the deck is legendary chef to the stars Todd English, who is preparing Sunday night's menu. From rack of lamb to Mojito popsicles, Todd is scrambling to finish a VIP meal for more than 1,000 guests.

Although, there is that whole hurricane issue. "We’re still waiting for a few things to show up," English told us. "So hopefully they’ll show up."

But whether Todd's food gets there or not, there’s no doubt the VMAs will rock Miami Sunday night on MTV!

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