Redford Returns in Film with J. Lo
August 25, 2005

Robert Redford is making a dramatic return, playing Jennifer Lopez's estranged father-in-law in, "An Unfinished Life." The screen legend revealed to "Extra" that he enjoyed working with Lopez, despite all the drama swirling around her break up with Ben Affleck at the time.

"We were in a place where that was off the radar," Redford recalled. "And Jennifer never showed up with it. She came as a professional; she worked as a professional. So that's how I judged her. And she's talented."

The film also features Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman, whom Lopez revealed made her star struck on the set. "Those are veterans who've made amazing movies," Lopez insisted. "You feel the power when you're in the room with them."

Redford, who turned 68 last week, still has a lot of unfinished business in Hollywood, including perhaps one more for the road with the retiring Paul Newman. "There's a chance," Redford said of them working together. "Well, it would have to be something of a buddy flick."

Meanwhile, Redford's longtime friend and fellow anti-war activist Barbra Streisand recently released "Stranger in a Strange Land," a song supporting America's troops fighting overseas.

"It's not so much against the war as how we were taken into it," Redford insisted. "I have very strong feelings about the incompetence of this administration, but I don't know that this is the platform to get into it."

Robert Redford returns when "An Unfinished Life" hits theaters September 9.

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