Gotti Sticking to Cancer Story, Despite Skepticism
August 24, 2005

A shocking New York Post report claimed that Victoria Gotti's secret breast cancer battle, which was revealed in the rival New York Daily News, was "A Sham!" But which story is true? Did the former mob boss's wife really lie about her condition to drum up publicity for her reality TV show? "Extra" has the answer.

Gotti is sticking to her original story, claiming she had surgery to remove what she describes as cancerous cells.

"To wake up to a headline like that, that's most upsetting," Gotti said. "I have grotesque scars, and I am willing to show them to anybody that wants to see them. I have whatever proof they need, and I will prove it."

Gotti also set straight a few other rumors: she did not have a heart attack, as was reported in the Daily News. Nor does she have a law degree, as was also reported.

"People have referred to me as a practicing lawyer," Gotti said. "I'm not. I never said I was."

And how's this for another hard truth: next month Gotti will undergo yet another surgery to replace a defective heart defibrillator.

Victoria Gotti's Cancer Scare
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