Pam Anderson Gets 'Star Struck'
August 23, 2005

From reports of a reunion with her ex-husband Tommy Lee to her R-rated new novel "Star Struck," superstar Pamela Anderson didn't pull any punches when "Extra's" Jon Kelley sat down with her for a candid interview.

Pam Anderson: I'm single, so there's not a lot going on right now.

Jon Kelley: Come on, I know you've never had a problem in that area.

PA: Well, I'm not dating. I'm definitely single, so we'll see.

JK: You say you're single, but every other publication we read, you are dating somebody, or you're getting remarried to Tommy.

PA: That's why I use that as a launching pad, and then there's the book.

Anderson's new book, "Star Struck" is loosely based on her own headline-making Hollywood life. But this one got her in hot water with her mom.

PA: My mother read it. I got in big trouble.

JK: Mom wasn't happy?

PA: Mom said, "This is too far."

JK: So in the latest People magazine, Tommy Lee said about you, "We're crazy in love, and we're going to take things slowly and see where it goes."

PA: Oh Tommy. He's sweet. No, I love him. He's a good person. He's a great guy, but marriage is a really difficult kind of thing. I like the way it is now. Everyone's getting along good. The kids are happy and healthy, and that's all I care about.

JK: How much of a desire, if any, do you have to get married again?

PA: I'd love to get married again. I mean being a single mom and working, you'd love to have a partner, but it just hasn't come about yet.

Sounds like a storyline may be in the works for Pam's next novel.

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