Kelly Monaco Reveals Tough Past
August 23, 2005

Kelly Monaco became America's sweetheart practically overnight as she danced her way into the hearts of fans everywhere. But Monaco's life before "Dancing with the Stars" was actually filled with tragedy and tears, and for the first time, the actress opened up about her troubled past.

It seems the world never knew just how determined and brave the "General Hospital" star really was. Monaco revealed her story in a candid interview with OK! magazine, and only "Extra" has it. OK! Editor in Chief Sarah Ivens revealed that Monaco survived everything from homelessness to an attempted rape to a bout with teenage alcoholism before rising to fame.

"Who could have guessed a soap opera star could have had such a soap opera past," Ivens noted. "She's admitted to OK! that she started experimenting with alcohol and drugs between the ages of 11 and 13."

Monaco, who once posed for Playboy, also revealed that when she first came to Los Angeles to peruse her Hollywood dream, she lived out of her car for two months and survived on $1 Chinese food.

But the biggest shocker that Monaco revealed was the time she was almost raped. The actress told the magazine that on one of her first jobs, she was drugged by a would-be rapist, saying, "I did a job in Montreal, and I got drugged. I had to get myself out of what could have been a very premeditated rape."

But at age 29, Monaco has been with only one man -- a boyfriend she refuses to name. "She was a virgin for years," Ivens revealed. "And she's been with the same guy since she was 15. She's madly in love with him."

Looks like Kelly Monaco truly is a survivor!

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