Victoria Gotti's Breast Cancer Scare
August 22, 2005

Just one week after her heart scare, Victoria Gotti reveals another devastating diagnosis, and she's only talking to "Extra."

After a routine mammogram on her 42nd birthday, Gotti found out that she had been diagnosed with the early stages of breast cancer. Gotti underwent surgery, and stunningly, managed to keep her battle a secret while she taped her reality show, "Growing Up Gotti."

"It's jarring, and it's a rude awakening," Gotti admitted. "I didn't want any of the children to worry themselves into frenzy."

During her ordeal, Gotti lost 25 pounds and suffered from exhaustion. But she says she drew strength from the memories of her father, mob boss John Gotti, who lost his fight to throat cancer.

Thankfully, Gotti's prognosis is good. "I am completely disease-free," she said. "I am 1,000 percent well, thank God."

Gotti finally told her sons about her health crisis earlier this month, and now she is also revealing another shocking secret to "Extra:" her first child was a daughter she had more than 20 years ago who lived only two days.

"To say it was anything less than traumatic would be downplaying it," she admitted. "I was told I wouldn't have any children."

Gotti says having her three boys is a miracle, and she credits her cancer miracle with early detection. "It's a wake-up call to women everywhere," she said. "Use your birthday as a marker. Get these tests done. It's so beneficial in the end."

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