Sheen 'Hopeful' for Future with Ex-Wife Richards
August 22, 2005

Charlie Sheen was candid and heartfelt as he sat down with "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli nearly six months after his wife, Denise Richards, filed for divorce. Now, the Hollywood star opens up for the first time about the painful and very public ordeal.

Jerry Penacoli: So how are you doing? How are you and Denise doing? Is there a chance for reconciliation?

Charlie Sheen: Well, there's always a chance for that as long as two people are still in the game.

JP: Is it true the two of you talked about what you would discuss in this interview?

CS: Yeah, I talked to her this morning, and I told her I'm doing this interview. She asked that we not reveal too much. So what we've agreed on me saying is things were bad, obviously, and things are a whole lot better. So I think with that is hope, and whatever the future might deliver, we will both embrace.

JP: I think that says volumes, the word "hope."

CS: Absolutely, yeah. We're not ruling anything out, but we're both just trying to be the best parents we can, the best friends we can. The misconception is that a celebrity marriage, the tribulations, the problems, issues are of some epic proportion, and they're really not. It's just the stuff you might go through or the next guy. It's just life, and life's turns, you know.

JP: Is the bigger challenge for you dealing with it all in a fishbowl, in the public eye?

CS: It makes it a tad more difficult, yeah, and especially when you're reading stuff that it's the first time you're encountering it as being based on truth.

JP: So is there anything you want to clear up, and say this particular thing wasn't true?

CS: I always thought they were talking about my character [on "Two and A Half Men"], with the drugs, the women, gambling. I thought, "Great they're talking about the show... Oh wait that's me." Yeah, it was all nonsense, that's alright; it's the nature of the beast. People forget there are real human beings involved, with children and feelings, and there are hearts at stake. I just wish people knew that it was bigger than what was presented.

JP: So how do you balance success and family life these days?

CS: I make the time after work and sometimes before work. It's always worth it, and it's just about being accountable and responsible and contributing.

JP: You're about to turn 40, what do you anticipate your 40's being for you?

CS: I just hope that I can continue to grow as a person, an actor, as a father, as a husband, as a friend. And just stay teachable. I think when we stay teachable, we've got a real shot at anything, you know.

Maybe even a shot at reconciliation…


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