Fashion Statement: BCBG Designs
August 19, 2005

From Sharon Stone to Sarah Michelle Gellar and Nicole Richie, the stars are wild about BCBG clothes, and as "Extra" quickly discovered, there's no doubt the man behind the fashion line certainly knows what he's doing when it comes to dressing women.

Thursday night, some gorgeous stars helped Max celebrate the opening of his new Beverly Hills store. And Stone was quick to share her views on the designer: "I think Max loves women, and he understands women are very feminine."

"When I was younger, and I looked at the fashion magazines, Max was the only person that afforded me the option to be able to wear something where I felt like I came off the fashion page," Gellar added.

This fall, watch for intense colors like deep orchid, rust and saffron in BCBG's line.

So which BCBG look do the stars enjoy? Former "Alias" spy Melissa George prefers an off-white BCBG dress because, "It stretches. You can have a fat day, skinny day. It's great!"

"I'm 5-foot-3-inches," Gellar added. "What do you think my one fashion must is? High heels!"

Meanwhile, Sara Rue admitted that she's "Less Than Perfect" in another area: "One thing I have to have is an excellent push-up bra. Do I need to explain why?"

And as for the biggest fashion faux paus? "I'd never be caught wearing fur," Rue insisted.

"Ugg boots and a mini skirt," added George.

Well, we won't expect to see those looks on the red carpet anytime soon.

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