Matthew Fox's 'Lost' Audition
August 18, 2005

Millions of "Party of Five" fans were thrilled to find Matthew Fox on the ABC hit, "Lost." But many "Lost" devotees would be shocked to learn that Fox was actually never meant to play the character of Dr. Jack Sheppard. He actually tried out for the role of Sawyer, and the audition can be seen on the new "Lost: Season One" DVD.

After reading for the role of Sawyer, Fox stuck around and also tried out for Jack. And the producers liked Fox so much as Jack, that they gave him the role, and more importantly, kept Jack alive -- the character was never supposed to live past the first episode.

For Fox, who shot to fame on "Party of Five," landing the starring role meant moving his wife, Margherita, and their two children to Hawaii so he wouldn't miss a moment of daddy time.

"Hawaii is the place for us right now," Fox said. "My daughter went to second grade there last year, and she loves it. And Margherita, my wife, has always loved Hawaii."

In between takes of the pilot, Fox played paparazzi in paradise, capturing the cast in their downtime. "We were constantly listening to our iPods and passing headphones back and forth," he revealed.

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