Girls on the Town
August 17, 2005

It was girls' night out in Hollywood Tuesday night, as Jessica Alba, Eva Mendes and Eva Longoria hit the town for a night of beauty and shopping, and only "Extra" was there as the lovely ladies got glamorous at Los Angeles' exclusive Point Du Vue Salon.

Mendes and Alba were out to promote their monthly blogs on, a new Web site created by their friend, Valarie Miller, an actress who co-starred with Mendes in "All about the Benjamins" and with Alba in "Dark Angel."

"My creative outlet, oddly, is cooking," Alba admitted. "So my monthly thing on her Web Site is that I contribute a dish."

And on Mendes' blog, she encourages women to pamper themselves with things such as taking a nice, hot bath.

For their work on the site, Miller treated the actresses to gift bags loaded with all kinds of goodies. "See this is cute because you could clean the floor in this," Mendes said, while showing us one of her gifts. "You could go to the grocery store, and then you could go and have lunch in this. And yes, I do clean the floor."

Then it was off to the launch party where another famous Eva got in on the action. But don't get confused: "We call Eva Mendes, 'Eva 1,'" Eva Longoria explained. "I'm 'Eva 2.'"

The "Desperate Housewives" star spoke candidly to "Extra" about the recent tabloid furor over a picture of Longoria wearing a t-shirt that read, "I'll have your baby, Brad," which a photographer took shortly after Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston announced their split.

"I think tabloids blow up things more than what they are," Longoria insisted. "I love Jennifer Aniston. I think she's a beautiful person. I went through a divorce so I understand the pain that it is, and I have nothing but good energy for her."

And there's plenty more of that good energy to go around, especially when it comes to supporting friends. "You know how hard it would be for any campaign to get Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria?" Longoria asked. "And she got them! That's what I'm saying!"

Sounds like the kind of star-studded endorsement that could be the recipe for success!

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