Uncovering the Season Two 'Lost' Secrets
August 17, 2005

The "Lost" cast indulged in an island luau to celebrate the release of their first season on DVD, and your favorite castaways even let "Extra" in on some secrets about what's in store for season two.

"What loose ends will be tied up, what's left in the balance and what's in the hatch -- I can't tell you anything," Matthew Fox said. "What I can tell you is that people will be blown away by how much is revealed in the first three episodes."

Breakout star Evangeline Lilly added, "Season two is all about answering your questions; it's not about leaving you hanging."

Meanwhile, Jorge Garcia, who plays the hilarious castaway Hurley, gave us a little more insight into that mysterious hatch. "I know a bit of what's down there," he revealed. "I know you get to see a few different areas of the hatch that have their own little jobs. It's pretty freaky."

And there was one last tidbit of information from Harold Perrineau Jr., whose character, Michael, was left in a lurch by the raft explosion. "I definitely make it through the watery, fire part," Perrineau revealed. "A secret from the set of season two? I love it. I gave it up, I did. I love it!"

Season two of "Lost" premieres September 21. Plus, we're giving away 40 copies of the first season DVD set. Click here for your chance to win!

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