Jagger and Richards' Candid Confessions
August 16, 2005

The new Rolling Stones mega-tour is the biggest music event of the year. With the group's first studio album in nearly a decade, the world's greatest rock band turned up in Toronto, where "Extra" got a rare chance to go one on one with rock icons Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

And Jagger and Richards were more than happy to talk about the pair's legendary, and sometimes stormy, relationship, with "Extra" music critic Jude Cole.

Mick Jagger: We don't have major disagreements about things. I mean Keith can be very difficult at times, a bit volatile. You might encounter that if you said the wrong thing.

Jude Cole: So Keith, you and Mick have had a tumultuous thing?

Keith Richards: Tumultuous in one way, but I mean guys who have known each other since we were 4 years old, I think it's really like brothers except every time Mick and I have a spat it's all over the papers.

JC: So you can blow up at each other and it's gone?

KR: Oh yeah, he hates me when I do it, but you know, unfortunately, I have to blow up.

But 62-year-old Jagger and 61-year-old Richards got their groove back for the Stones' new CD, which features 16 tracks.

And the pair revealed that they worked together more closely on this album than they have in years due to the fact that drummer Charlie Watts was battling throat cancer when the recording process began last year.

KR: It was a matter of, "Do we wait for Charlie to get better or do we carry on?" And after one minute, we thought, "We have to carry on."

MJ: I tried to make the core songs rock and roll, but there's other kind of material, you know slightly more country-ish, a bit more dance, and some blues.

JC: So Mick was playing the drums and you were playing the guitar and flute?

KR: Yeah, it was like, "Mick, you double on drums, and I'll double on bass, and let's go."

JC: Maybe that's why I think this record is genius.

KR: It certainly wasn't planned that way but that's how it came out.

JC: I don't know anything you haven't accomplished individually. As a band, how important is a number one hit to you guys now?

KR: Nobody in this game is going to say, "No, I don't want one." Of course it would be great.

JC: Is there anything that you haven't done yet?

MJ: I haven't directed a movie.

JC: Is that something you aspire to do?

MJ: Yeah, I'd like to do that.

JC: What kind of film do you aspire to do?

MJ: I've written it already. I've half-written it. It's a small picture about a guy who wants revenge.

But before that can happen, the Stones will be on tour through 2006!

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