Big Stars Turn Out for Teen Choice Awards
August 15, 2005

You could call this year's Teen Choice Awards a fashion-forward evening, as the sizzling Eva Longoria walked the red carpet in aqua, Paris Hilton showed off her new do and host Hilary Duff stunned the crowd in a stunning red number.

"You can't beat the energy," Jim Carrey said of the awards show. "There's no holding back, man."

Gwen Stefani took a moment to do some Rumor Control with "Extra," revealing that contrary to rumors, she is not doing "Factory Girls" with Sienna Miller. "That's a big rumor," Stefani said. "I'm not doing it, no."

Meanwhile, Russian beauty Anna Kournikova showed up with a huge rock, fueling whispers that she got engaged to boyfriend Enrique Iglesias. But she told us, "I'm just trying to put some bling with my jacket and trying to look a little funky and rocker. It's just jewelry, I promise."

The stunning Jessica Alba showed up with her brother Josh, but without any bling on the ring finger. "I'm not engaged at all," she said. But is she in love? "Yes, it's wonderful."

Paris Hilton is also in love, and she said she's without pre-marriage jitters. "I've always wanted to be a bride," Hilton admitted. "I've always thought it would be the most exciting day of my life."

And Eva Longoria, feeling a little desperate now that boyfriend Tony Parker has gone to France to play basketball, revealed the highlight of their trip to China this summer. "They did have ‘Desperate Housewives: Season One' on DVD," she said. "I had to buy it for a dollar."

On stage, stars like Ashton Kutcher and Mariah Carey were surfing off with their new trophies, and afterward, they came right to "Extra."

"I got my two surf boards that really don't go with my award cases," Carey admitted. "So I'm going to have to find a new place for them. But it's really nice, especially when the song is recognized because I don't think a lot of people realize that I'm a songwriter."

Even "Napoleon Dynamite's" Jon Heder was buzzing about his triumph, telling "Extra," "We've got 20 million screaming teenagers in there going crazy over it."

Best Comedy Actress winner Sandra Bullock was out for the first time since her wedding to "Monster Garage" star Jesse James, and she told us, "The great thing about being young is that adults haven't screwed you up too much, and you can enjoy things."

And while Emmy snubbed Longoria, the "Desperate" diva accepted her Teen Choice Award with caution, saying, "The fact that all of these teenagers have been watching ‘Desperate Housewives' and me, scares me a little bit. But I did a gardener, or I mean a teenager, all year so there you go."

So while the teens had the final say, the stars certainly got a night to remember.

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