Demi Moore: Ashton is My Soul Mate
August 15, 2005

The always-gorgeous Demi Moore gets candid in the upcoming issue of Harper's Bazaar, talking to the magazine about everything from babies to sex secrets with her younger boyfriend, 27-year-old Ashton Kutcher.

Now two years into her steamy relationship with Kutcher, 42-year-old Moore told the magazine, "You talk about meeting your soul mate. I truly feel I have been given that gift."

Harper's Bazaar Article Editor Laura Brown gave "Extra" a sneak peek inside the pages, and told us, "What came across in her interview is how comfortable and in love with each other they really are. Demi and Ashton obviously want to spend the rest of their lives together."

And while Moore has been dodging pregnancy rumors for months, she neither confirmed nor denied the rumors in the magazine, only saying that she and Kutcher would like to have children together at some point to "expand our family."

"In the piece, Demi is very specific about wanting to build a future and a family with Ashton," Brown said.

And on their sensational chemistry, Moore revealed that nights with Kutcher include skinny dipping in the pool and "sharing a bath with one another and watching Court TV and snuggling up naked."

But the former Mrs. Bruce Willis told the magazine that she and Kutcher, who just moved into a new Hollywood home with Moore and her children, do not have plans to marry.

"Demi says she feels like she and Ashton are married," Brown told us. "And perhaps they will formalize it in the future, but in their eyes and everybody else's eyes, they are a couple."

Moore's Harper's Bazaar issue, which includes some seriously elegant poses, hits newsstands later this month.

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