Gummy Bear Implants: The Way of the Future?
August 11, 2005

So long saline, hello Gummy Bears? So is it true? Are Gummy Bear implants really the wave of the future?

LA-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Grant Stevens, says these implants, which have the same consistency as the chewy candy, are a safer, more natural alternative.

"It looks like we finally have an implant that is going to be great for all seasons and all women," Grant said. "The Gummy Bear breast implants are a cohesive jell rather than being a liquid runny jell. It's like Jell-O."

The FDA has recently approved the implants for study, a study which Corey Felber is taking part in. After her saline implants sprang a leak, "Extra" followed Corey as she underwent hours of surgery to have them replaced with the more reliable Gummy Bear implants.

"I love the idea that they don't leak," Corey said.

And Dr. Grant added, "There's the peace of mind that if something happens to them they stay together."

And just five days after surgery, Corey's feeling better than ever before! "They feel great, they look great, I don't have any of the concerns I used to," Corey said. "I can't imagine a woman would choose anything but the Gummy Bears!"

Dr. Grant Stevens
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