The Return of Julia; Eddie Murphy's Divorce
August 10, 2005

It seems there are new twists and turns everyday in the Eddie Murphy divorce case. And while the actor may be one of Hollywood's biggest stars and about to make "Shrek 3," is it true that Murphy's reclusive lifestyle contributed to the bust-up of his 12-year marriage?

Yes -- According to the New York Daily News, Murphy’s beautiful soon-to-be ex-wife Nicole, a former model and mother of the couple's five children, reportedly wanted to spend more time enjoying the night life than Eddie did.

And from one hot star to another, is it true that Julia Roberts’ first acting gig since giving birth to twins will be in a music video?

Yes -- Roberts will hit Broadway in the spring, but first she's starring in a soon-to-be released Dave Matthews Band video where she's followed by a shadowy figure played by Matthews.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan joined the cast of "Four Brothers" at the film's New York premiere, but did Mark Wahlberg rekindle an old flame on the red carpet?

Yes -- Wahlberg showed up with on-again, off-again girlfriend Rhea Durham, who is the mother of his daughter. And Wahlberg revealed to "Extra" the one role he does not want his daughter to see: "I hope she never sees 'Boogie Nights.’ And if she does, there is going to be a lot of explaining to do."

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